Prospecting today looks drastically different than it did a month ago. Our new normal means social distancing and that can make finding and pitching new business difficult. Below are some things to keep in mind when you are prospecting new business during this pandemic.


Continue to be the “go to person” for digital information and strategy in your marketplace by passing along interesting articles, stats, or pieces of information that can help give direction to advertisers who may be feeling uncertain. A quick email or LinkedIn Message can go a long way, especially when you are giving something of value.

Meet Another Way

In-person meetings are always best, but when those are no longer an option, you can get creative and still find a way to have your meetings. Phone calls, screen shares, or even video conferencing can give the feel of an in-person meeting, while keeping everyone safe. Companies like Zoom are offering their services for free during the pandemic as a way of keeping us all connected.

Remember Compassion

Everyone is experiencing our current climate a little differently and in their own way. Sending educational communications and setting meetings are great for business, but don’t forget to be a person first. Check in on your community, ask how they are doing, find out if they need support. We are all in this together and being a good person will go a long way.


When we finally are past this historical time in our lives and can go back to business as usual (whatever that looks like when this is said and done), there are a couple of things to remember when prospecting new business:

Find Quality Leads

Prospecting is a numbers game. The more you reach out, the more meetings you will have, and the more business you will close. Your close ratio will be higher if the advertisers you are reaching out to are of high quality. Utilize existing relationships. Practice pitching a goal-driven approach on your best customers. Use your past successes to help drive the conversation and do your best to focus on the advertiser as much as possible. They should always be talking more than you.

Elevator Pitch

A strong elevator pitch gives your lead basic, interesting information about your offering while also establishing credibility. Pieces to include in your elevator pitch:

  • Emphasize your mission to connect advertisers with potential customers.
  • Reiterate that you focus on advertiser goals through custom media planning.
  • Explain that you can reach any screen, at any time, in any location.
  • Avoid digital jargon!

In the Meeting

Ask questions that help you to learn who the advertiser is trying to reach and how the advertiser defines success. Learn as much as you can about the advertiser and their business to help you put together an insightful media plan. Before you leave, set up your next meeting and set expectations about what you’ll provide.

Differentiate Yourself and the Campaign

Yourself: Differentiating yourself from other sellers in the market is important, so that advertisers think of you and your services when they are looking for a media partner. Highlight custom media planning across a variety of channels (search, social, programmatic, traditional media). Ensure you emphasize the need for active campaign management to ensure the campaign is working for them. You are their partner and your main goal is to improve their business, not your own.

Campaign: Highlight a couple of key features to show how your campaign can be unique. Whether it be through cross-device targeting, data-driven optimizations, or a private deal, you can add features and options that can make you and your campaign stick out.

Becoming great at prospecting takes time, practice, and a little bit of luck. Until things go back to normal, practice “social distancing prospecting” and give yourself some grace. We are all navigating this new world together, business will improve, and we will see the other side.