By Mike Smith

2019 is coming to an end and, as always, we’ve enjoyed this year of learning and growing in the digital space with you. As we look to the new year, there are a few items to keep top of mind:

Data and Connected TV

Perhaps the hottest inventory since pre-roll on Grumpy Cat’s Christmas opus “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” – OTT and CTV campaigns are all the rage as we approach the holiday season. When competing for broadcast budgets, the targeted options digital can offer has been a big selling point. Connected TV has struggled to find a way to offer third party data in a cookie-less environment, but that is starting to change. Audience data is becoming a bigger part of the connected TV space from first- and third-party sources. Marketers can leverage data through cross-device targeting. Cross-device targeting allows the marketer to leverage data associated with a user’s browsing and purchase habits and make the determination that the user of that computer or mobile device is also the viewer of the connected TV device. This means that the same data segments you apply to a mobile or desktop campaign can be used on Connected TV campaigns as well. This allows you to build plans that include general and targeted impressions making optimizations more informed and precise. As this space grows, Basis will continue to add ways to make your Over the Top and Connected TV buys more robust to help you win bigger deals.


There is no such thing as “checking avails” in the programmatic space, so how can you tell if delivery is viable given the parameters of any given campaign? Basis has a bid-guide tool that allows you to set your parameters, including your bid price, to see the potential inventory. The tool also features a graph that allows you to see what the inventory might look like at increased or decreased bid. The tool can be used to both upsell an advertiser on what could be available with an increased budget, or provide direction on bidding which can help maximize the margin when budget is tight.

Automation & Data

There are no more ubiquitous buzz words in the industry right now than automation and data. One thing we know is the data landscape is about to change with the increased regulation coming down from CCPA and GDPR. It’s too early to say what the exact impacts will be, but it’s safe to say 3rd party data will be limited, or access to it will change dramatically. This is where automation can really make a difference. Centro’s CEO Shawn Riegsecker spoke to a group of local media executives and touched on this point directly, saying that with today’s technology, people are becoming too obsessed with data and over-targeting. Basis DSP already has the ability for a machine to predict, prior to the purchasing of a single impression, whether that impression is likely to achieve the goal of the campaign—so why add the extra data? Eventually we will be able to allow the technology to make more decisions – what tactics to use, what specific geographies within our coverage area to use, what creative to use – all of this will be automated, so that we don’t have to choose. Basis collects data from all campaigns you run through it and aggregates that data into an actionable searchable database. While we are not quite at the point where the computer is telling you what tactics and geographies to use, the data that is available to you will help to inform those decisions. Basis’ insights database gives you not only the data you need to start campaigns off in the right direction but allows you to get daily reports emailed to your inbox to see the results.

We look forward to 2020 and all the changes that the new year will bring in the digital space. As always, we will stay at the forefront of the industry and bring you cutting-edge information and solutions to help you win more business.