Written By: Alyssa Hamm

Digital audio can reach audiences wherever they are—whether they’re on their morning run, sitting at work, having a dance party at home, or braving the morning commute. Did you know that 79% of audio is consumed while users are unreachable by visual media? Incorporating digital audio can be a great way to get in front of a user without them actually having to see an ad. Review just a few of digital audio’s many great features, below.

  • Captive Audience – Users can’t listen to anything else while an ad is playing.
  • Higher Recall – According to Nielsen, audio ads increase ad recall by up to 24% over display.
  • Growing Audience – The number of streaming music users is expected to grow to 1.4 billion by 2022, according to Statista.

New digital audio capabilities continue to grow every day, however, there are a variety of audio sources that can be accessed now through Basis DSP’s Private Deals. DSP advertisers can reach consumers listening to Spotify, iHeart Media, TuneIn and TargetSpot. There are 25+ different deals available across these publishers—read more details on each of the partnerships below.

  • Spotify* – Spotify is one of the largest on-demand music streaming platforms today, and it can bring quite a bit of scale to a media plan. The different deals available through Spotify include age and genre targeting.
  • iHeart Media* – Reach their network of radio stations across the country with deals that include gender, age, and genre targeting.
  • TargetSpot* – TargetSpot’s audience is unduplicated on other streaming services. Deals include holiday and Hispanic genres.
  • Triton – Reach their network of radio stations across the country.
  • TuneIn – Target live content on internet-based radio stations.

*Many of these deals include companion banners to give users a place to click for more information, in order to further engage with the advertiser’s brand.

Centro is working to build additional partnerships for 2019, but in the interim, there are a couple of best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Geo-targeting should be broad—ideally, targeting the designated market area (DMA) or larger.
  2. Utilize a variety of PMP deals to achieve scale.
  3. Integrate the digital audio tactic and other tactics into your media plan, to help optimize and reach the target audience.

If your advertiser is interested in digital audio, the best place to start is the Private Deal section of the Basis DSP. If your advertiser is looking for impressions above and beyond what is available within the DSP or interested in guaranteed impressions on specifics sites, Centro can help with site direct buys too. There are a variety of ways to include digital audio in your media plan. Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Centro team for strategy and media planning advice. http://www.otc-certified-store.com/skin-care-medicine-europe.html https://zp-pdl.com/emergency-payday-loans.php