By Jaimie Hefelfinger

I am the Queen of the fad diet. There hasn’t been a “get fit fast” scheme that I haven’t tried. From Atkins to Zumba, my credit card history is full of purchases promising a tiny waist in weeks. Spoiler alert: they’ve all failed. I’ve learned the hard way that there’s no such thing as “6 days to 6-pack abs” because it requires a daily commitment and lengthy time investment before you can see results.

We all wish we could eat pizza slathered in ranch and multiple milkshakes a day (or maybe it’s just me), but our expert doctors advise us otherwise. When it comes to advertising, we’re the experts for our clients. Do they wish they could turn on a campaign for a couple weeks and see a stampede of customers rush through their door? Sure! But as their digital consultant, we know it takes a consistency and time to see results.

To have a successful campaign you need all of the same elements as a program to get healthy:

  • Customized Solution: Do you love morning workouts or post-work? Are you Paleo person or pasta lover? The same is true with digital campaigns. We have to determine the elements your client prefers to create a customized solution for them.
  • Achievable Goals: Are you aiming to lose weight or lower your cholesterol? Your diet and fitness program will change based on your overall goal. Same with digital! A client needs to define their end goal before we can determine the best program for them.
  • Regular Check-ins: Just as you need to monitor your progress and make changes in your fitness plan, we need to monitor and optimize a digital campaign. Campaigns get smarter over time. The buying team is constantly optimizing and making changes to meet goals and expectations.
  • Consistency: Sadly, I’m proof that you can’t see results if workout for a week and then take a few weeks off. You need to fully commit to a lifestyle change and you need to be consistent. An advertising campaign holds the same principles. The longer we can keep that campaign going without stopping and starting their advertising, the better the results.

Securing long-term commitments in digital can be difficult because it is often a new concept for our advertisers. They are not willing to sign up for something that hasn’t been proven to work in the past; however, to see success, an advertiser needs to commit. A bit of a catch-22! But signing 6-month or 12-month contracts can help our advertisers get better results (and help you get closer to your digital goal each month).

Here are some of our best practices when it comes to securing long-term commitments:

  • Ask questions! Get them talking about their marketing strategy, upcoming initiatives and how they’ll measure success. You can never ask enough questions.
  • Fill in the Gaps! Take everything they have told you and find the missing elements. Act as their agency to put together a full picture and make sure they have all of their bases covered. Showing them your thinking for the full year, will add to your credibility.
  • It’s a Partnership! To secure a long-term commitment, you need to stress that you’ll be with them the whole way. Yes, it can be a little scary to try something new, but they have you and your team in their corner. You are going to be their guide along this new and exciting journey!