By: Jamie Kowalkowski

Did you know that a DSP has many layers of inventory? Yes, we all know about the open exchange, but have you ever needed premium or specific content that you weren’t seeing within your inventory options? If so, Private Marketplaces are where you need to be! A Private Marketplace (PMP) is an invitation-only, RTB auction, where one or more publishers invite select users to bid on inventory. Let’s break that down a little:

  • Invitation-Only: PMPs are not available to all bidders in the space, just those who work directly with the publisher to set up the deal. The good news for you is that Centro does all of the “deal setup” work for you! We have a team dedicated to partnering with publishers which has allowed us to create the robust library of PMPs (the majority of which are evergreen or “always on”) you currently see within Basis today.
  • RTB Auction: A PMP does not mean guaranteed inventory, as you are still bidding against other buyers in a real time environment. A PMP does mean that there is a smaller group of buyers who have access to the inventory so you have decreased competition for the impressions themselves.
  • One or More Publishers: The benefits of using a PMP are access to premium content through a variety of specific sites and publishers. PMPs allow for increased control over the inventory used in your media plan, because you know exactly the sites you are using before the campaign even starts.

PMPs are becoming more and more important in the programmatic landscape and introduce a whole new layer to the RTB inventory world. Ad spend within Private Marketplaces are rapidly increasing year over year. According to an October 2017 eMarketer article, by 2019 almost half of all programmatic digital display ad spending will be through Private Marketplaces.

Currently there are over 1,800 Private Marketplace deals within Basis that are made available to our partners. In Basis you can browse the available PMPs by checking out the Private Marketplace tab. Here you can filter by device, ad type, or category to find PMPs that will help to reach your audience. After you filter, you will see the name of the PMP, the Publisher providing the inventory, the Exchange the inventory is coming from, and the price or floor rate. The floor rate is important because this rate is the absolute lowest bid you can set to use the deal. Best practice is to bid $2 – $3 above that price. This allows you to be more competitive and win more impressions.

There are many types of PMPs to choose from and when deciding on the deal to use in your media plan you will want to consider your campaign goals and desired audience.  There are deals that focus on audience (demographics and content), campaign goals (viewability), and device (desktop, mobile and connected TV). There are also seasonal PMP deals that focus on inventory around holidays, events, or seasonal activities. These deals will have a specified start and end date to when they are available, so be on the lookout for more information in our monthly PMP newsletter. If there is ever a need for a custom PMP with a specific publisher, feel free to reach out to Centro to help!

With all of that in mind, you are now ready to include Private Marketplaces in your media plan!