By: Mike Smith

Recently, I was having a conversation about Connected TV (CTV) with a friend in the industry. We were trading stories on how CTV is so in demand, and noted that in our combined 15 years of experience, very few “products” have been met with such open checkbooks. We also chuckled that so often people don’t know the difference between Over-the-Top Video (OTT Video) and Connected TV and so they simply just say “give me all your OTT/CTV”. Honestly, if you could buy it at Walmart there would be riots at Christmas time. Fights in the aisles for the best CTV!

What is this mythical advertising tactic meant to change the world?

Let’s start with OTT Video which is defined as video content streamed via an app or website and is accessed without a cable or satellite subscription. OTT Video can be viewed live or “on-demand,” with or without a paid subscription, and across any digital device – desktop, mobile, tablet, or Connected TV. Connected TV is a device used to consume OTT Video. CTV means that the TV set is connected to the internet. There are a variety of ways to connect a TV set to the internet: Smart TV (which is internet enabled), gaming consoles, blu-ray players, or a streaming device such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast or Apple TV. The key difference between OTT Video and CTV is that OTT is the content you are streaming, and connected TV is one of the devices you can use to view the content.

We have already created some great materials, like our CTV/OTT One Sheet, OTT/CTV Video Package, and our CTV Guide, to help with the confusion in the industry. This is a great thing to leave with your advertisers to better help them understand what they are asking for and buying.

Speaking of buying, how can Centro help you sell more CTV? BasisDSP can help you get access to OTT inventory to appease those hungry advertisers.

  • OTT Video: Utilize a whitelist to reach users watching OTT Video across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, and Connected TV).
  • OTT Audience Targeting: Layer on 1st or 3rd party targeting to reach your audience while they consume OTT content across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Connected TV Devices: Reach users while they consume OTT video content specifically on Connected TV by device targeting CTV.
  • Private Marketplaces (PMP) – Reach users consuming OTT video content, using CTV devices, within specific premium providers such as Sling TV, Roku, and A&E.
  • Custom PMP: Have a tier-one advertiser with a large budget? Have Centro’s team negotiate a customer deal with some of the largest providers in the industry.

OTT Video and CTV options are a great option for increasing overall and digital video budgets. Like traditional TV it is a great way to get your advertisers message out to the masses and increase their brand awareness.