By: Andy Bryant

Fraud and Brand Safety is a pretty common programmatic topic. When it comes to programmatic budgets, advertisers want to ensure dollars are being spent on content that will be seen by an actual user, and that aligns with the advertiser’s brand. It’s important that programmatic planners and buyers take the necessary steps to ensure they are serving ads in a brand safe environment, relative to the advertiser, or risk losing the budgets all together.

What is Brand Protection? Simply put, Brand Protection is taking the steps to ensure an ad will not appear in an inappropriate context or served in a place that has no potential to be viewed by human users. We use Brand Protection as way to avoid both content we don’t want our brands to appear alongside, and to ensure that we aren’t buying ads on a fraudulent site, wasting our clients’ budget in the process.

The great news is that buyers can rest easy knowing that Basis DSP provides all of the tools necessary, both behind the scenes and during the campaign planning/building process, to ensure you can meet the Brand Protection needs of your clients and advertisers. In fact, we were recently given the TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) Certification for our dedication to fraud prevention.

  • Monitoring – In conjunction with our fraud prevention partner, Pixalate, the Basis DSP operations team comb through our inventory every day to measure and flag suspicious activity quickly. Suspicious inventory sources- both on the exchange and site-level- are flagged, paused, or removed entirely depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Partnerships and Data – Basis DSP comes loaded with 3rd party Brand Protection and Ad-Fraud prevention segments. Pre-bid segments from comScore, DoubleVerify, and other industry leaders allow you to avoid negative content (mature, accident, negative news, hate speech, etc), target impressions by viewability thresholds, page quality, and to block bot traffic.
  • Domain Lists– Use White List and Black Lists to maintain complete control over the sites your media serves on.
  • Private Marketplaces PMP– The Basis DSP PMP Library is loaded with multi-pub deals that allow buyers to target premium inventory based on viewability or other targeting parameters, and allow planners/buyers to have full control over the sites their brands appear on.

Basis DSP has everything needed to allow clients to feel more in control of their digital media. Whether we are limiting content, targeting content, or blocking ad fraudsters, advertisers can feel confident about the placement of their brand with you and Basis DSP.