By Alyssa Hamm

Basis is in the news again! This time we are being recognized by Adweek Reader’s Choice Awards as number one in the categories of display DSP, mobile DSP, and retargeting.

With the end of 2019 in sight, we wanted to review some of the latest updates to the DSP:

  • Universal Pixel – Build audiences for your advertisers with a single pixel. One universal pixel can act as multiple audience and/or conversion pixels at the same time!
    • Sales Tip: When talking to an advertiser, you no longer need to talk about a retargeting pixel and a separate conversion pixel. All you need is one pixel and you can add audiences or conversions throughout the campaign and future campaigns without going back to the advertiser to place additional pixels!
  • Bid Multipliers – Reduce the number of tactics (and the time it takes to run a tactic) within the advertiser’s campaign.
    • Buyer Tip: Use bid multipliers to increase or decrease the bid assigned to a specific targeting effort. A great example is being able to bid differently on the same tactic based on the device (desktop vs mobile) being used.
  • Native Ads – Run ads that fit into, instead of interrupt, the audience experience.
    • Seller Tip: Talk to your advertisers about testing a different type of ad unit. Advertisers can run standard banner ads, but native ads give them the ability to expand the creative being used to reach their target audience.
    • Buyer Tip: Easily create and upload native ads through the creative editor and utilize inventory from eight premium exchanges that allow native ads to help the advertiser blend in with content the audience is engaged with.
  • Forecasting – Smart predictions for media planning by giving you the ability to estimate inventory availability and spend volume based on how the campaign is set up.
    • Seller Tip: Use forecasting to help you feel confident in the targeting you selected and the budget you must spend.
    • Buyer Tip: Maximize efficiencies with your bid price and eCPM through the bid graph that shows at what prices you no longer see drastically more available impressions.
  • Audience Targeting: Connected TV: 3rd party audience segments are available for the CTV device through the cross-device feature.
    • Seller Tip: You now have many targeting options with over-the-top video inventory. You can target by device, audience, or PMPs – making for a well-rounded offering for your advertisers.
  • Creative Flighting: Set specific start and end dates for ads that link to your campaign.
    • Buyer Tip: Set up to 10 different flight dates for each ad linked to a campaign. This will allow you to set up campaigns at the onset, without worrying about turning time-sensitive creative off and on.

We have enjoyed updating our DSP to help you and your advertisers remain successful in the digital space. We will continue to keep you updated on future additions to Basis in the new year!