By: Alyssa Hamm

“What’s New?” As advertisers start to think about how they will increase business in 2018, they naturally start to wonder about the new and unique ways they can be reaching their audience. Below are a few tactics you can highlight when you get the “What’s New?” question from your advertisers! Be sure to click on the bolded terms to download one sheets and materials to help in your meetings!

Over-the-Top Video

What is it??

  • Over-the-Top (OTT) Video is video content streamed via an app or website and is delivered over a network that isn’t owned by the video provider itself.
    • You can watch OTT Video in a variety of ways:
      1. Connected TV: uses an internet connection to watch OTT video content on your TV.
        • Over the Top (OTT) Devices are what you use to make the connection:
          • Gaming Consoles
          • Streaming Devices (Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, etc…)
          • Smart TVs
      2. Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • Example: SlingTV is an example of OTT Video content
    1. You can watch SlingTV on your ConnectedTV using an OTT Device
    2. You can also watch SlingTV on your desktop device through the website, or on your mobile/tablet devices through the app.

Great news! We have created a one sheet to help explain OTT Video and a new awareness media plan that focuses on completed views and includes OTT Video.

Mobile Audience Targeting

There are quite a few ways that you can reach specific audiences on mobile devices:

  1. Demographics & Behavior data is gathered in many different ways: location registration, device ownership, app ownership and online behaviors.
    • Examples: Age, Gender, Parents, Movie Goers, Food Enthusiasts, Business Traveler
  2. Mobile Location Retargeting: Reach users based on locations they have visited in the past.
    • Brand Affinity Examples: Target, Starbucks, and Lowe’s
    • Place Examples: Hotels, Car Dealerships, and Movie Theaters
  3. App Ownership: Reach users based on the apps they have downloaded on their phones.
    • Examples: Weather, Gaming, Medical, or Sports Apps

There are custom Mobile Location Retargeting and App Ownership opportunities as well. Reach out to your buyer or Centro team if you would like to get a custom segment built. More great news! We have created a one sheet outlining mobile audience targeting and we have updated the mobile targeting deck and webinar.

Programmatic Native Targeting

You have display and video creative assets on your media plan, but have you considered programmatic native? You can deliver your advertiser’s message in a way that looks like the content on the page. Learn more about it via the one sheet and webinar from January 9th!

Private Marketplaces (PMPs)

Allows you to find your audience and increase scale across a specific site or group of sites. Some PMP highlights include viewability, over-the-top video, 1st party data and long form video options. Check out all 1,800+ deals on the Private Marketplace tab in Basis or reach out to your buyer or Centro team for additional assistance. Also be sure to check out the PMP one sheet!

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Cheers to a fantastic 2018!