By Ryan Manchee

At Centro, we know that keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends can be tough and time consuming. To make that easier, we’ve compiled all the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Enjoy our latest list below!

Creative Agencies Offering Media Planning and Buying Services
Is a new trend on the horizon? More creative agencies have begun to offer media services in an attempt to bridge the gap between creative and media and help creative teams better understand media channels, user behavior, content, and context.

32% Of Marketers To Bring Programmatic Media Buying In-House
According to a recent Ad Perceptions report, 7 out of 10 brands rely on agencies for programmatic buying today, but over 50% of marketers and agencies believe programmatic buying will ultimately become the responsibility of the brand. A third of marketers surveyed already have plans to bring programmatic buying in-house.

Will the Hype Around Programmatic Keep Going Strong in 2018?
How will 2018 shake up when Zenith estimated that over half of global ad spend was with Google and Facebook?

Direct Ad Buys Are Back In Fashion As Programmatic Declines
According to data from MediaRadar, the number of brands engaging in programmatic ad buys dropped by 2% between January and July. While programmatic buys account for over 80% of the display ad market, have concerns over brand safety, transparency, ad fraud, and fees caused marketers to rethink their digital advertising strategies?

Six Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out For in 2018
Digital advertising is set to hit $113.2 billion by 2020, which is double what we saw just two years ago. The Digital Marketing Institute highlights six trends for 2018 that present some unique opportunities for brands and businesses.

The World of Data: Hoarders vs. Sharers
Here’s a new way of viewing all of the data available in the world of online advertising, and how data can be put into action.

Audience-Based Planning is the Next Battleground for Media Agencies
Audience-based planning, or people-based marketing, is built on the promise of pulling together different data sets from a brand’s first-party data, device IDs, data from Amazon, Google or Facebook, and purchased data sources to build a consumer identity graph. And then matching that with publisher inventory, without disclosing any personally identifiable information.

Snapchat Finally Lets Advertisers Use Pixels To Track Ad Results & Eventually Retarget
Snapchat is looking to build advertising models (and revenue) similar to Facebook and Google, and they’re starting with the ability to retarget.

A User’s Guide to Advanced TV Jargon
Programmatic TV, Addressable TV, and Connected TV are used interchangeably — even though each refers to specific aspects within the umbrella category of Advanced TV. Here’s a good outsider’s perspective on what each of these mean, and how they’re different. Want an insider perspective? Be sure to read Heather Robertson’s take on these terms, and more, on our blog and in the new Connected TV e-Book.

Three Reasons Retailers Should Rethink Their Holiday Strategy
Consumers are starting their holiday shopping a lot earlier than Thanksgiving. Find out what their new patterns are, and maybe start preparing for next year.

The Day After Tomorrow: When Adblockers and GDPR Kill All Adtech and Martech
Over the past 20 years, digital marketing has gone all-in on direct marketing. And we’ve seen the rise and power of retargeting, but many consumers don’t like to be retargeted with bland, generic messages. It only takes four clicks to install most ad blockers, which affects not just an annoying banner ad, but the digital landscape that advertisers and marketers rely on. Could we see creative once again play a bigger role in online advertising?

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