Rev Up Revenue: Q4, 2021

Your Partnership with Basis: Review the ways you can use Basis DSP and resources from the Publisher Solutions teams. Also hear an interview with Adam Saylor from CoxNext about their audience extension program and his perspective on the digital landscape.



Rev Up Revenue: Q3, 2021

Make Yourself Hard to Cancel: This webinar is meant for sellers and discusses the ways they can set themselves apart throughout the entire sales process.




Rev Up Revenue: Q2, 2021

For Q2, we focused on branding and how video and audio fit into a branding strategy.


Rev Up Revenue: Q1, 2021

This webinar focused on data regulations, the future of digital advertising, and the entertainment vertical as we exit the pandemic.

Topics included: Data Regulations & Changes that Lie Ahead for Advertisers, Advertising in a World with Data Regulations, Vertical – Entertainment.




Rev Up Revenue: Gearing up for 2H (July, 2020)

This webinar focused on ways to drive revenue in the second half of the year amid a continuing pandemic.

Topics included: 2H Verticals to Target, Media Planning, Virtual Selling, Native, and Pandemic Media Strategy



Rev Up Revenue: 6 Ways in 90 Minutes (April, 2020)

This webinar talked about the different ways you can Rev Up Revenue in 2020 (including tips on selling during the COVID-19 pandemic).

Topics included: How to be a True Media Partner, Uncovering Your Competitor’s Pitch, The Future of Data, Video Advertising, Political Advertising, and Cannabis Advertising.